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jenny jardine
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United Kingdom
i am jenny from scotland and i just want to write forever

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something new

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 8, 2013, 2:31 PM
it's like i'm getting married, and they're saying "you need something old, something newsomething borrowed, something blue."

but forget the rest.

i need something new. 

i always moved around a lot when i was a kid. getting my flat in january was my nineteenth new place and i don't even have that many years; not quite. but i'm eighteen in july and i'm bored of here and everybody around me. it's just not enough to move anymore, as much as i like to be surrounded by things i've never seen and people i don't know. maybe moving around so much is why i'm addicted to new experience and uncertainty, and can't stop chasing after them even when it becomes self-destructive.

(i'm thinking about the year i spent homeless. going from a grade-a student to a grade-absent student. all i smoked and i'm thinking much more clouded these days, anyway.)

every day is exactly the same experience, the same rapport between the three of us (myself and my two flat-mates), the same teasing of one and the same flirting from another; the same work, for too few hours a week; the same things i spend money on, with no idea of what i really want to do, and the same struggle to find something that can wake me up.

i've been half-asleep for far too long and i've been the same person all the way through it, mostly. 

so i've been thinking,

why do i really own so little?

all i have to my name is my books, my laptop, my clothes. i left my books at my parents house when i moved (left, thrown out, estranged, whatever you'd like it) when i was sixteen. but i never bothered picking up much along the way, never brought what i did have with me, either. 

probably because i knew i couldn't be happy as long as i knew i couldn't leave at any time i chose, as ever was the case since i walked home from school one lunchtime three years ago and threw out my stuffed animals, my cushions, my posters, my pictures, even the pastel spot rugs i bought from ikea so my room would match and everyone else would like it; and then after that i hardly ever went back, even when they said i was bright and promising, even when i knew i was. i threw that away, too.

it was all on purpose, so i could leave or dream of leaving and let it all be viable, let it all be a possibility i could embrace the second things grew too unbearably stable and too many promises drew me to the ground and kept me there. unrelenting and lifelong expectation.

and now all i expect is for something to come along and sweep me off my feet; no, i can't be talking about a person, because for a long time there has been nobody who can capture my interest for more than a month or so at a time: nobody but three, and all have faded or are fading into a companion i can miss on the brighter and darker days and no more, in-between.

i mean an experience, with italics and emphasis and all the rest of it.

what i think i want is to head along to the buddhist centre, one hundred miles from here, and stay there to learn what i can. samye ling, and to date it's the most beautiful place i have ever been, one of the only things i have ever wished to know and kept wishing for longer than a few dreams and all my imagination gives me.

so i think i might burn all i do not wear, pack this laptop and the rest into my rucksack with what money i have; and come the thirteenth of july, my birthday, i will go there. 

forget the rest.

i need something new.

  • Mood: Yearning
  • Listening to: guitar
  • Reading: it - stephen king
  • Eating: smoke
  • Drinking: i wish for whisky

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